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Pets & People ideally wants permanent, loving homes for our dogs. Please consider whether you are willing and able to make this commitment before adopting one of our great animals. Thank you.

Before adopting, ask yourself these questions:

• To get an idea how long a pet's lifetime may be, consider how old you will be 15 years from now.
• How many times do you think you might move in the next 15 years? Are you willing to move the pet too and restrict your choice of housing to places where pets are allowed?
• What major changes might happen in your life in the next 15 years? Marriage? Children? Are you willing to continue spending the time, energy and money to care for your pet when taking on new responsibilities like these?
How Long is a Lifetime?
Most dogs, with good care, can live to be 10 - 15 years or more.

• If you're getting a pet for children you have now, how old will they be in 15 years? Will you still want this pet after the kids have grown up and moved out?
• Have you previously owned a pet that you “had to get rid of?” If so, what happened to it? What will you do differently with this pet to prevent it going the way your previous pet did?

Our dogs deserve the very best you can give
Questions provided by The American Humane Association

Canine adoption fees:

Dogs $120

Pet adoption fee includes

Heart worm test (negative result)




Since we rescue from kill-shelters, we have very little information about most of our pets. For this reason, we offer a 7-day foster adopt program. Take any pet home for up to 7 days and if it doesn't work out, receive a full refund of the adoption fee. The pet may be exchanged at no additional cost up to 30 days.

How to Adopt from the Shelter

Cats & dogs may be viewed and adopted from the Pets and People shelter in Yukon seven days a week,
Monday through Sunday from 12:00 P.M. to 5:30 P.M.

• Dogs $120
• Cats $80

All adult pets are spayed/neutered, come with current rabies certification and tags, are up to date with other vaccinations, have tested negative for various diseases pertaining to their species, and are wormed.

Pets that are too young for altering come with a spay/neuter certificate that is redeemable for a spay/neuter procedure with a Pets and People participating vet. You are required, by contract, to fulfill this procedure when adopting a pet this age by either redeeming the certificate or by use of a personal veterinarian.

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How to adopt from PetSmart:

Pets and People felines are available for adoption in the PetSmart Adoption Centers during the week and on some weekends.

At the PetSmart Adoption Centers, cats may be viewed, handled, and adopted. The nice PetsMart employees help us care for the cats in the adoption centers and do the adoptions for us.

You can take adopted PetSmart cats home with you right away. We do not leave kittens in adoption centers that are too young to spay or neuter, you must come to the Yukon shelter for them. But you will find older kittens there that are just 4+ months of age!

All PetSmart adoptable cats are spayed/neutered, current on shots, wormed, and test negative for feline leukemia.

$80 adoption fee - heck of a deal since most vets charge 85+!

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PetsMart Adoption Center Locations

PetsMart - Located at 2140 W. Memorial Rd.
Telephone: 755-3388

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What to expect when visiting the shelter

When you come to the shelter you may view and visit with pets at your leisure.

You may be greeted by an adoption counselor. An adoption counselor works with people that come to the shelter to meet and adopt pets. The adoption counselor is familiar with the pets at the shelter and can help you find a pet that would best fit your home environment. Some counselors are more familiar with dogs and some counselors are more familiar with cats. Tell the counselor what kind of pet you are looking for and they will find someone to help you if they are not familiar with the kind of pet you are requesting. Please be patient if the lobby is busy, we are a volunteer organization. The shelter is usually in need of volunteers.

If you decide to adopt, the adoption counselor may ask you some questions about your home environment. If the counselor feels that there is a good match between a pet and adopter, the counselor works with you all the way through the adoption process. Periodically, the counselor may not feel that there is a good match. Pets and People reserves the right to not adopt to anyone at anytime for any reason.

When the adoption counselor approves an adoption, you will need to complete an adoption contract. The contract is a binding, legal document that states the requirements you are expected to fulfill as an adopter from Pets and People Humane Society. With your signature, you agree to abide by the rules we have set forth to protect the adopted pet.

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You are required to have the following items for an adoption

1. If your driver's license has a P.O. Box AND/OR an address that differs from the address printed on your personal check, you are required to provide proof of residence with a current utility bill in your name that shows the physical address of your residence.

2. Cash or personal check

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When you adopt an animal, you will receive the following records

1. The animal's medical information since they have been at the shelter. (This includes spay/neuter information, surgical procedures, vaccinations, heart worm treatment, flea treatment, illness history, behavior history, and other procedures.)

2. The animal's rabies number, rabies tags, and other vaccination information.

3. A copy of the Pets and People adoption contract.

4. A spay/neuter certificate if the animal is currently too young to alter.

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Calling the shelter

If you call the shelter and get the answering machine during regular shelter hours, we are outside taking care of the animals or helping folks with adoptions. You can come to the shelter without calling first or leaving a message, someone will be there to help you during regular hours. We share premises with the Yukon City Animal Shelter.

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