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Why Choose a Pets and People Pet?
a friendly comparison chart


Pets and People

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Is the dog of my choice a good match to my family and lifestyle? Does anyone care? YES. We visit with you and ask questions. We care that our pets and your family are a good match.* NO. You just buy the
Is my dog spayed or neutered? YES. NO. Expect a $150—$250 vet bill.
Is my dog heartworm tested? YES, plus 1st month’s preventative will be given Probably not.
Will my dog be vaccinated? YES. Your pet will have had all necessary shots. Maybe 1st of series but will need vet visits for the remainder. About $130.
What if my new pet does not fit my home or he is just not fitting in? Does anyone care? YES. If your new pet does not fit in your home—we INSIST you both be happy. We will work with you to fix the issue. NO. You already bought the dog… it’s yours.
What is the cost of my new dog?

• Dogs $120
• Cats $80

$200—$500 approximately
$50—$250 spay/neuter
$130 for 1st vet visit and shots.
(Depends on breed.)
Compare $80—$100
$480—$750 approximate costs. (Depends on breed.)
The BEST value Pets & People Just ask anyone who has adopted from us! Shelter pets are the BEST and they appreciate you. Not so much.
* At Pets & People, the staff is familiar with the dogs; they know their personality traits, whether they’re housebroken, and if they get along with kids and other animals, etc. They will have a conversation with you to learn about your family and lifestyle and if you have other pets in order to match you with the right dog for your particular household. You get hands-on advice and we’re here to help you with problems should they arise. You can even bring your own dog along to the adoption process to see if it gets along with the new pet. Pets & People will stand by the pet and take it back at any time if you find you must relinquish it. Not only will the dog be wearing a collar with a rabies tag, you’ll also receive an I.D. tag so that Pets & People can trace the dog’s owner if it becomes lost. You just can’t beat the service, friendly advice and the lifetime of support Pets & People will give you and your pet. ADOPT, DON’T BUY!